SERIES from Enan Joe Heneghan


God has given up on mankind and makes himself mortal to live out the final days of the cosmos. When he forfeits his omniscience and immortality to become man, all of his fellow deities crash to Earth as well. With only one more lifetime of all existence, humanity quickly looks to God as man for answers; however, he wants to be left alone and to have nothing to do with man with the little time he has left. It is up to Ermes, the former Messenger God, to represent God to Mankind. She, new to being mortal herself, secures Herdsmen Media Corp. to disseminate meaning to the whole of mankind with the help of some other iconic Gods that are dealing with their new, temporary reality on Earth.


Madison is a disgraced speech writer for a losing presidential nominee whom she was found to have had an affair with. Suddenly a  pariah in Washington DC, she moves home to Chicago to become a speech coach and teacher at her old high school. Bitter, resentful and still highly sexual, Madison keeps from killing herself by diving head first into the turmoil her speech team and fellow coaches put her through.  


In the face of an original thought vacuum, a new storytelling medium arises: dream recording. Everyday people can become celebrities as the top dreamers.  The companies that record and edit those dreams grow out-of-control powerful.  The Insight Company follows the titular, underdog, dream manufacturer as it tries to compete with the monopolizing DreamView Studios. 

The dream companies have dreamers for every genre. They sell their waking states as well, packaging them as“histories”. The Insight Company explores how, when signing on to be a dreamer, the whole mind is forfeited.  .