The First Dinosaur ® 2010  

In the early nineteenth century, fossil discovery changes the scope of Earth’s history. Ambitious geologist and devoted pastor, William Buckland, discovers the first dinosaur fossil on record. The implications of these “great lizards” having once ruled the Earth rocks Buckland’s foundation of beliefs, while simultaneously granting him new esteem and power. An eccentric character: he enjoys hunting and feasting on as many exotic animals as possible, wearing a scholarly gown as his main attire, and talking endlessly with his friend Cuvier. But after a carriage accident, Buckland finds himself haunted by his momentous find, Megalosaurus, quite literally. Buckland digs up a truth he is not prepared to believe and it ultimately eats him alive.

Dream2Movie® 2009

Hollywood crumbles when prequels, sequels and remakes aren't enough for audiences any longer. Originality is a myth, when a new medium of visual entertainment debuts: Dream recording and production. Genevieve, the top dreamer in the country, tries to get out of the business, only to find herself more entrenched in the history of dream-film than she could have ever imagined. Working for the largest dream production company, Mirrem Studios, she finds her waking life manipulated to ensure the quality and consistency of her dreams. Dealing with the jealousy of fellow dreamers, her relationship with Ford, a Romance dreamer for a competing independent dream producer, and the demands of her maniacal editor Corin is just the beginning. Sometimes dreaming for a living can be a nightmare. 

Parasocial ® 2008

Hopeless and wounded, Joe makes friends fully anticipating them to be future enemies. He defies family, love and wisdom with one goal in mind: to get on a competition reality program. For Joe, condemning happiness is the only cure to his own confusion and the only way he knows how to prove himself worthy of being a shameless reality personality. Joe struggles to adapt, and grows out of control when building his anti-fairy-tale existence. Ultimately, he does find himself on the precipice of being cast as the worst version of himself, when the girl of his dreams enters his life. She helps him to understand the grave sacrifices he must make when attempting to bare it all to the world. 

Selfware ® 2006

Will and Lena's sex life spins out of control, when their extreme role-playing ends up with him unwittingly cheating on her with his ex, Gwen. The tragically unstable Gwen wedges herself between the couple both literally and figuratively, when her suicide leads to a metaphysical union with Will. Inhabiting Will's body, Gwen's conscious recklessly experiments with exactly how to body-hop. The fractured characters discover how the subconscious holds the key to cognitive transference, but that transplanting a self requires sacrificing one's old body. Suicide is the key to taking the body of your choice! 

Survivor: Winter's Tale ® 2011

In this adaptation of Shakespeare's Winters Tale, a future incarnation of the popular reality franchise, Survivor, unfolds with twists and turns that only a reality show based on Shakespeare could produce. The hook of the season has competing Survivor tribes headed by winning Survivor couples whom have met because of the show. Survivor: Family pits Boston Rob and Amber vs. Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca in an all-out war for domination and prize money. Each couples respective Survivor offspring are incorporated into the game, atop Amber being the first Survivor to play the game pregnant. Rob's unbridled paranoia about Amber's fidelity on the island leads to the demise of the most popular reality series ever... at least for a while. e.